Competitive Rates

"Extremely professional and great with our dogs. They send cute pictures and prompt updates after every visit. We really love their services."  Karoline L.

ProCare's rates are competitive with other professional pet sitters and dog walkers in the Pikes Peak region.


  • We do not sell pet care in packages of 15 minute visits, 30 minute visits, etc. Your visits are all-inclusive and customized to your needs, all while remaining competitively priced!
  • You will not see any surprises on your invoice when we spend extra time cleaning up large messes or taking an ill pet to the veterinarian, since we do not charge for pet care by the minute!
  • We do not nickel and dime you into debt with fees for consultations, extra pets, medication administration, mess cleanup, watering your plants, mileage, evenings, weekends, last minute requests, emergency transport to the vet while in our care, or key pickup/return. It's all included!

Just tell us what you need and "Relax... We'll take care of everything!"

Create Your Own Personalized Plan

Contact us today to create your own personalized plan. There is absolutely no obligation and you can consult with us as many times as you'd like, free of charge. 

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Potty Breaks

"ProCare has always provided excellent service and I have never considered using anyone else." Mike W.

We'll let the dogs out! This is one of our most popular services when you are away from home for a portion of the day and know your dog will need to go out.

We will refresh your pup's water bowl and escort them outside to do their business. If they want to play tug or chase a ball, we're game. If they want to come back inside and snuggle, it's all good with us!

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Pet Sitting

"ProCare has been watching our cat for the past few years when we go on vacation, and I always rest well knowing they're taking care of her. They have a knack for bonding with animals - our cat loves them, even though she's usually standoffish with strangers. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a pet sitter!" Erica L. 

For the safety of your dog we require at minimum two visits per day. For the safety of your cat we require at minimum one visit per day. For the health and well being of all animals, any animal that is kept outside must have adequate shelter.

Visits are tailored to your needs. We can perform the following services during your pet sitting visits. If there is something you need but do not see listed, do not hesitate to ask.

  • feed pets and give fresh water
  • wash food and water bowls
  • medication administration, including insulin
  • potty breaks for dogs
  • backyard playtime for dogs
  • brief dog walk to break up the monotony
  • playtime for any critter that craves it
  • scoop dog poop in yards which are already well maintained
  • scoop litter boxes
  • change papers and woodchips in cages
  • clean up pet messes
  • emergency transport to the veterinarian, if needed, while in our care
  • personalized report after each visit, often with photos of your happy pets
  • water your plants
  • alternate window shades and indoor/outdoor lights
  • make tracks in your snow so it looks like you are home
  • turn out and turn in horses
  • check horse troughs
  • care for chicken coops and collect eggs
  • bring in mail, newspapers, milk deliveries, packages and door hangers
  • put out and bring in garbage and recycling cans

When you contact us please tell us:

  • about your pets (what kind, ages, medications, personalities, quirks, issues).
  • what you would like ProCare to accomplish during our time with your pets.
  • if there are any indoor or outdoor plants, trees or shrubs that need to be watered - we don't want to miss anything!

Let's Customize Your Visits

Dog Walking

"ProCare has been our dog walker for about a year now and they have always done a great job. Our German Shepherd has a lot of energy but ProCare got her to calm down and listen better. ProCare has also been very flexible with our busy family schedule. Highly Recommeneded!" Bill P.  

Big or small, young or old, every dog benefits from a daily walk to burn pent-up energy, prevent weight gain, prevent boredom and destructive behavior, explore the neighborhood, and stay happy. 

This is a one-on-one private walk with your dog's own personal walker. ProCare uses a GPS tracking tool that shows you the route your dog walked.

You will receive a written update at the end of each walk by text and email, as well as photos of your pooped pup.

Plan Your Pup's Walk

Overnight Stays in Your Home

"We are so glad we found ProCare. We have used them for about 5 years now.  They care for our home, plants, and an array of animals with great reliability. We can travel with no worries of things at home. They send a quick "all is well here"  or an update on severe weather, assuring us the house is ok. They even alerted us of behavior changes with one of our horses and texted back and forth with us until we decided we did not need to call a vet. They really are care professionals. We highly recommend this company." Krisanne E.

Perfect for pets who need extra individual attention, particularly those with separation or other anxiety issues. This sleepover is at your location so your pets feel safe and comfortable. Generally 8 hours of pawjama party time from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am, but if our schedule permits we might come earlier in the evening or stay later in the morning.

We will send you a message when we arrive at night by text and email, and also when we leave in the morning.

Let's Schedule a Sleepover

Pet Taxi

"We have worked with ProCare for several years. In every instance they have been professional, courteous, and reliable. I would not hesitate to recommend them. They are very easy going and our dog loves them! Transporting our St. Bernard from our house in Monument to the boarding facility in Boulder, CO." Nancy N.

ProCare is licensed by the State of Colorado Agricultural Department and registered with the United States Department of Agriculture to perform pet taxi services. 

On-the-go door to door service. Whether it's to the veterinarian, groomer, or anywhere else in Colorado - we are your safe and dependable pet transportation service.  This service is great for pet parents who are unable or unavailable to transport their pets.

Where We Goin'?

Home Checks (House Sitting)

"ProCare checked on my house while I was out of town. They did a very thorough check of the property. The cost was reasonable and well worth the peace of mind. I will use them again." - Becky R.

We'll visit your home daily, every couple of days, weekly or monthly - it's all up to you!

Outside we will: walk the entire property, water plants and trees, make sure there are no sprinkler system leaks, watch for dry spots in your lawn, check your fence, look for any exterior damage to the house and outside structures, and bring in mail, newspapers, milk deliveries, packages and door hangers.

Inside we will: walk the entire home, check for power outages, watch for signs of rodents and insects and treat per your instructions, water plants, check windows and look for water leaks.

Keep Your House Safe

Pet Waste Management by the Hour

It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it. 


We're a little different. Bonded and insured, we take this seriously. We'll come over as few or as many times as you need us - we simply charge you for the time we are there.

ProCare provides pet waste management services to a variety of clientele. Whether you have a busy schedule, recently had surgery and are convalescing, are an expectant mother, or are just not able to manage your pet's waste, we're here to help!

We will change woodchips and papers in a cage, scoop cat litter boxes and clean up the yard.

Contact the Cleanup Crew

Emergency Key Service

It Happens More Often Than You Think

When you are our client and we keep a copy of your key, we can come unlock your door for you. It's much cheaper than a locksmith!

Whether you have locked yourself out or you aren't home and you need us to let someone in, get in touch with us.

Give us a call at 719-233-9083!

Additional Information

We accept payment by cash, check and credit card.

We offer a 10% military discount. Thank you for your service! 

A surcharge of 50% applies to the following holidays: New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Double Rates apply on Christmas Day.