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Professional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in Colorado Springs

Professional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in Colorado Springs

Professional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in Colorado SpringsProfessional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in Colorado Springs

ProCare Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Reviews

The Talk Around Town

You want to know what other people think about our services. We understand. That's why a few of our satisfied clients wanted to tell you how they feel. We hope this page of ProCare Pet Sitting and Dog Walking reviews is helpful!

Video Reviews

Jake W., Southeast Colorado Springs

* Khaleesi, Yellow Labrador Retriever

* Stoney, Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Mid-day potty breaks, mealtime visits, backyard exercise, administer medications, emergency transport to veterinarian 

Seth and Alana H., Fountain Valley

* Bailey, Shitzu Mix
* Oscar, Chihuahua Mix
* Scooter, Beagle
* Stella, Poodle Mix
* Carlos and Gatsby, Chinchillas

Potty breaks, mealtime visits, backyard exercise

Written Reviews

Artie and Maryann's Mom

"I’ve used ProCare for about two years and love how professional they are. I have two cats that need to be fed twice daily. They send me daily photos with the times they have visited and I love that! Jacki was excellent with my kitties. They were so relaxed and happy when I returned from my trip. It’s definitely worth the extra money to have ProCare take care of them. I always feel so secure when I’m gone very far away knowing they’re in good hands."

Anne B.

Windy and Ginny's Mom

"Eric and all of his staff at ProCare Pet Sitting and Dog Walking are always helpful and reliable. I have trusted them with the care of my pets for several years, and they have been able to take care of complex medical needs, such as medication administration and even insulin injections, for which I have been tremendously grateful! I also have to admit to being a last-minute scheduler, and they have consistently accommodated my lateness in scheduling (up to a few days before services are requested). I really can't imagine anyone doing a better job at being loving, compassionate, and professional with my pets! Thanks for all you do!!"

Ashley W.

Greyson's Mom

"My husband and I moved to Colorado a little over a year ago. We have a 6 yr old Newfoundland (Greyson) that had a close relationship with her previous dog walker. We were very nervous about being able to find services for her with people that she would like and we could trust. I stumbled on ProCare through a google search and reached out via email to Eric- the owner. He immediately put our fears to rest and made arrangements to meet with us as soon as we arrived into town. ProCare is a family business run by a husband, wife and daughter team- that being said- every employee we’ve had the pleasure of having on Greyson’s team obviously upholds the values of a family business with personalized and consistent services. We receive daily updates of walks, complete with pictures and a GPS map of where they explored for the day. The updates are far from generic- “we had a good walk” texts- the personality of each walker and their relationship with Greyson is obvious with each dialog. Everyone treats her as if she is their own. She’s an aging dog and as such has special needs like medication administration and a special diet. Everyone on Greyson’s team is obviously briefed thoroughly on her routine and we’ve never had issues. My husband and I have erratic schedules and have needed surprise last minute walks and extra visits on the fly. This has never been an issue. ProCare always makes sure Greyson is taken care of. It’s been such a relief knowing we have a service we can always depend on. We recently went out of town and arranged for ProCare to visit and manage Greyson’s care- we came home to mail, packages and our trash cans brought in and all of Greyson’s bowls cleaned- and most importantly, a very happy and content dog. We weren’t charged nor did we expect all those extra small touches- Sandi and ProCare simply considered these things part of the package. They truly consider their clients as part of the family. Their rates are very reasonable and they offer several services on their easily manageable website. They’re always quick to respond to any issues or concerns we may have. We truly wouldn’t trust anyone else with our pup and have been very happy with ProCare. It will be one of the best decisions you could make for your pet care needs."

Romy B.

Max's Mom

"I used their services for several years. They do an excellent job and I would highly recommend them. "

Phyllis F.

Kristof, Regi, Pepe, Bismarck, Rory, Lyca, and a Bunch of Bunnies' Mom

"We had an AMAZING experience with ProCare Pet, Eric, and Jacki! We cannot recommend their team enough! They took excellent care of our pets and our pets loved them too. They kept us updated with plenty of info and photos throughout our booking and they were very conscientious and considerate in leaving our home absolutely spotless and tidy. It’s such a relief to be able to come home after a trip and just relax without worrying about anxious pets nor having anything to clean. We’re very satisfied with the professionalism and kindness of everyone at ProCare Pet and we’ll definitely use them again!"

Joy W.

Blitz, Oliver and Kobii's Dad

"Eric, Jennifer, and the entire ProCare crew are absolutely wonderful! I don’t stress while I am away because they follow all my instructions and keep me informed through messages and pictures. They have taken care of my two horses, three dogs, chickens, and cat for years. I often book them with short notice and they are always available. Online booking is fast and easy. Thank you ProCare for taking such good care of my furry family!"

Brian B.

Molly's Mom

"I hardly ever write reviews, but I felt it necessary this time. We used ProCare during the holidays, and although we were skeptical at first to the idea, it will now be our "go to" for these services anytime in the future. We in fact, already hired them again to watch our dog for New Years. My military husband is fairly strict, and we have cameras set up in our house. During the visits, Eric actually PLAYED with our little guy. It was such a relief to know our puppy was in good hands. He followed all the feeding and visit structures properly. I am too cautious to send our dog to boarding, as pets are way more comfortable in their own home. I highly recommend them."

Jennifer L.

Peanut and Snickers' Mom

"I would not trust just anyone with my pets; and it is such piece of mind leaving them in the care of Procare. I have one dog who is blind and has diabetes; and another spunky terrier plus we have a very old cat. Knowing this business knows pet CPR, how to administer medication and give shots and I can book on line gives us piece of mind. My pets love the visit, I love the text and location text we receive when visiting and pictures. It has been a blessing as well because there have been short notice situations and I have been able to call or schedule on line and they are there for my dogs. The one on insulin can't miss her shot. I highly recommend going with a proven business with a great track record."

Kathy K.

Dexie and Dewi's Mom

"My husband and I had to be away for 2-1/2 weeks, and I was kind of anxious about leaving our two cat boys with our previous sitter, as they were out of both food and water when I came home a day early. ProCare not only visited twice a day to feed, water and play with the boys, they sent me text updates each time, and pictures a couple times. (when I was missing them the most!)  They scooped litter boxes, cleaned up messes, washed cat beds, took out trash, picked up mail, made our house look lived in- all in all, went well above and beyond! I will DEFINITELY call ProCare any time I have to be gone, they are absolutely awesome and the cats were perfectly normal when I got home. That is the greatest accolade I can give them!!"

Sherie M.

Charlie, Blondie, Juno and Sugar's Mom

"We are so glad we found ProCare. We have used them for about 5 years now.  They care for our home, plants, and an array of animals with great reliability. We can travel with no worries of things at home. They send a quick "all is well here"  or an update on severe weather, assuring us the house is ok. They even alerted us of behavior changes with one of our horses and texted back and forth with us until we decided we did not need to call a vet. They really are care professionals. We highly recommend this company."

Krisanne E.

Callie's Mom

"ProCare has been watching our cat for the past few years when we go on vacation, and I always rest well knowing they're taking care of her. They have a knack for bonding with animals - our cat loves them, even though she's usually standoffish with strangers. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a pet sitter!"

Erica L.

Bella and Scamp's Dad

"ProCare did an excellent job taking care of our cats while we were on vacation. The rate is very competitive, and I would definitely recommend ProCare."

James M.

Luca and Kirin's Mom

"We have been working with ProCare for a few months now.  Eric has been coming over once a week to walk the dogs and earn our big dogs trust.  Luca does not like strangers, especially at home.  Eric has been great with listening to what we felt she needed and he is now her friend. All tails wag when they see Eric!  He has made sure he was here, no matter the weather or other issues that may get in the way.  With occasional long hours and future vacations, we know all of our pets are in great hands with ProCare! We are part-time professional dog trainers as well as business professionals. We have high expectations and do not give recommendations if not truly earned. You owe it to yourself and your pets to find out for yourself what great pet care options ProCare offers."

Shawna S.

Rudy's Mom

"I am more than pleased with ProCare's service and I would highly recommend ProCare for pet care!  I hired them for a few months while my husband was gone to visit our dog once a day during the week and take him for a walk.  Eric is very responsible and reliable.  He follows instructions really well and sends text messages to let you know how each visit went and if any issues occurred.  I come home every day from work to a happy, well cared for dog thanks to Eric and ProCare.  During one daily visit our dog had a touch of diarrhea in his crate and Eric notified us right away and cleaned up the mess as well as our dog which shows that Eric really cares for every animal he encounters.  Eric even brings in our garbage cans on garbage day-what a treat!  I highly recommend ProCare for pet care.  My husband and I are very picky when it comes to someone caring for our pup and we trust Eric to do what we ask and take great care of our dog!"

Carly N.

Angel and Ares' Mom

"I've been a ProCare customer since 2011, and I have been completely satisfied with them. I travel a lot and I feel so confident and so worry free leaving the care of my home and my dogs to Eric and his associates. I am very protective of my dogs, and I can tell with certainty that those guys take extremely well care of them in my absence. It is a huge relief knowing that my pups are taken care of in the comfort of their own home and that they get an individual attention. Not to mention ProCare’s reasonable prices.  I love saving money, don't you??? BIG thank you ProCare from me and my doggies Angel & Ares."

Maja S.

JD, Johnnie Walker, Stella, and Sammy's Dad

"ProCare has provided amazing service for taking care of our cats while we travel.  They took very good care of our 22-year-old cat who needed special care at each visit.  Each time Eric left notes on what was done and what times he came by to visit.  Eric provides me text messages when I am away to let me know that everything is ok.  I would recommend ProCare to everyone."

Kevin P.

Daisy and Lily's Mom

"We have been using ProCare for a year now on the regular basis - mostly 3 times a week during the day while we are at work- to walk our 2 beagles. The visits last 20-40 minutes depending on the weather. We are very happy with this service. Eric is very responsive and very responsible. Would recommend ProCare to anyone."

Masha S.

Carlos, Cocoa and Taquito's Mom

"We have used ProCare for over a year now every time we go out of town and it’s been a wonderful experience. Our animals are well taken care of and happy while we are gone. Eric takes the time to leave a log as well as text us each time he’s over to see our dogs with an update. We love ProCare and wouldn’t use any other pet service!"

Meghan S.

Captain's Mom

"We are a military family who recently moved to the area and needed someone short notice to watch our cat while we traveled out of state. We are usually very weary of letting people come into our home while we are not there, but as soon as we met Eric we felt completely at ease. We loved his deep history working with military and appreciate his generous military discount. Eric was very friendly, reliable, hardworking and trustworthy. Our cat loved Eric immediately; you can tell he really cares about animals and that it is not just a "job" to him. He allowed us to fully enjoy our trip by knowing that everything was fine at home. We will definitely be using him again & highly recommend him to everyone we know!"

Jessi H.

Callie, Gidget, Tyson, Prince, Petey, Riley, Trixie, Shorty, Nippy, Maggie...

... Mimi, Smudge, Jade, Widget, Nacho and Cat's Mom

"We have several dogs, cats, tortoises and a couple of fish.  There are multiple dog areas as well as cat areas between the house and basement so there are quite a few details to get down pat.  ProCare took care of our "pack" on two occasions now.  They were very willing to come out more than one time at their expense to make sure they understood the routine.  One of our dogs, Callie, has to be muzzled at the vet and does not like to be approached.  On Eric's first trip out to meet everyone she wasted no time accepting him, letting him pet and talk to her.  First time that's happened and she's going on 13 years old now!  ProCare was very good about keeping in touch by phone, text message and/or email which made us feel less anxious.  We will be using their services again in March.  We highly recommend ProCare!"

Susan D.

Shadow, Brodi, Miep and Lexi's Dad

"ProCare has always provided excellent service and I have never considered using anyone else."

Mike W.

Tori and Sam's Mom

"The owner is very friendly and honest. My dogs don't like most strangers, but they didn't even bark at him when he came over to meet us. When we came back from our trip our dogs were noticeably happier to see us than when we've left our friends in charge of them. I will definitely use ProCare every time I go out of town and I do recommend him to all my friends!"

Michelle C.

Gizmo, Muffy and Pluto's Mom

"Very friendly and good with the animals.  Now have 3 cats to take care of, and have no worries leaving them in ProCare's care."

Louise L.

Cody, Keira and Sophie's Mom

"ProCare takes great care of the critters. They always text me when they are there to let me know how they are. We're also able to see ProCare on our security cameras and they take time to play with the dogs and cat while they are there. We've been extremely happy with their service."

Ellen P.

Clara and Chloe's Dad

"Eric has been walking our two labrador retrievers for over two years and we have always been happy with his service and professionalism.  We would recommend him and his company to anyone looking for walking or sitting services." 

Tristan W.

Jackson, Sadie, Shasta, Tabby, Thor, Tux, Talia, Lance, Percy, Loki, and Cal's Mom

"We think you are marvelous. Our animals are happy when we come home. I would definitely recommend you."

Diane M.

Hurley's Mom

"We have worked with ProCare for several years. In every instance they have been professional, courteous, and reliable. I would not hesitate to recommend them. They are very easy going and our dog loves them! Transporting our St. Bernard from our house in Monument to the boarding facility in Boulder, CO. Two times. Poop scooping--every other week for two years."

Nancy N.

Captain's Mom

"I contacted Eric and we met and I introduced him and my dog. We did the contract and the liability paperwork (in case something happens so he can go to the vet). He's been by every work day since and my dog loves him!!! I picked this company because they are willing to work with me, even though I am outside of city limits. He stops by my house every day and takes my very high energy dog on a half hour walk/romp. I truly appreciate the fact that I don't have to rush home to walk the dog in the middle of the day, and I appreciate the fact the dog is exercised during the day. :)"

Honey W.

Z-ro's Mom

"Literally the best dog walking business I have ever dealt with. My puppy is happy and I know that I can trust Eric and Jennifer with him. The best part is knowing that they care about my dog and treat him as if he was their own. I never have to worry about his safety when he is with them, and I know that they have no problem adapting to my schedule. They are the greatest!"

Felicia W.

Lucy's Dad

"ProCare has been our dog walker for about a year now and they have always done a great job. Our German Shepherd has a lot of energy but ProCare got her to calm down and listen better. ProCare has also been very flexible with our busy family schedule. Highly Recommeneded!"

Bill P.

Ahsoka, Sasha and Toes' Mom

"Jennifer and Eric have been my petsitters for several years now and are 2 of the few people I trust with my animals! My 8 year old GSD is fear aggressive and is difficult to say the least, but ProCare has always been great with her! Even when I need last minute arrangements, they are happy to take care of what I need. Would reccomend them to anyone!"

Stacey W.

Bear and Duke's Mom

"I have two dogs that have the tendency to get obnoxious when they are on walks. After spending a month or so with Eric, they have become much more disciplined and well behaved while walking. I am continually impressed by how much I see them improve week by week. My dogs very much enjoy their time with Eric and I am very appreciative of such a professional company."

Rebecca G.

Kepler and Newton's Mom

"I had a work trip and needed someone to check in on my cats while I was away. Before the trip, Eric came over to meet my cats and took a very detailed account of their usually routine (Food, water, litter, toys, any special needs, etc). While I was away, I received daily updates on how they were doing - including photos and even a video! It made my trip so much more relaxed to know that my kitties were in good hands. Thank you Eric for providing such excellent pet-sitting services!"

Elizabeth H.

Stella and Scout's Mom

"These caretakers are the real deal!! We keep trying to convince them to move to NC to take care of our babies... :) we absolutely love Eric and his team. They love as we love."

Angeline B.

Sebastian and Sadie's Mom

"Extremely professional and great with our dogs. They send cute pictures and prompt updates after every visit. We really love their services."

Karoline L.

Dad to a Charm of Finches

"Superb in all matters. Our pets are visited daily and we receive msgs no matter where we are on their status. Highly recommend Eric and Jennifer!!"

Gerard M.

Duffy and Izzy's Mom

"Great pet sitting service. It was clear that the owners really care about animals. They were always available and they took good care of our two kitties."

Brianna G.

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