In-Home Pet Sitting

Theta and Pi play games with their cat sitter in Colorado Springs, ProCare Home and Pet Services

Why Not Just Ask Friends and Family to Petsit?

When you ask friends and family to petsit for you it's really difficult for them to say "no".  They want to help you.  They feel obligated.  They don't want you to be upset with them.  But the simple fact is they have schedules and responsibilities which take priority.  Taking care of your pets is now something else they have to do.  Then when your pets vomit and have diarrhea all over your floors, chew on the furniture and your shoes, or escape out the front door or from the back yard - it's possible your relationship will never be the same.  And what happens when your friend or family member gets caught up at work or becomes ill - what's the backup plan?

The truth of the matter is, YOU are the priority on OUR calendar!  ProCare is a professional pet sitter. Cleaning up after your pet, watching for signs of stress and preventing escape is what we do every day. Taking care of your pets is our only focus, and we have a backup plan were something to happen to your primary pet sitter.

Some Things to Think About When Considering a Boarding Facility or Kennel

We appreciate that there are good pet boarding facilities and dog kennels in Colorado Springs, however the benefits of in-home pet sitting are tremendous. The primary benefit is that your pets will be able to stay home where they are comfortable and secure.

Your pets have a routine - what time they are fed, when they are given important medications, how often they get a potty break, and how much play time they receive. ProCare Home and Pet Services guarantees their routine will remain unchanged. A kennel can't do that.

When your pets stay in their own home they have plenty of room to run around, have their own bed to sleep in, and will be waiting for you when you return. In a kennel your pets will be in small cramped spaces, be exposed to loud continuous barking and constant commotion, and might have to stay an extra night if you can't get to the facility before it closes.

When you place your pets in a kennel they panic, which leads to loss of appetite, upset stomach, runny stools and all-around misery. You may very well come home to a sick and miserable pet!

An added benefit of having ProCare Home and Pet Services care for your pets in your home is that we include the following services at no extra charge:

  • A report by text and email, often with photos of your pet.
  • Bring in mail, newspapers, milk deliveries, packages and door hangers.
  • Water indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Put out and bring in garbage cans.
  • General home security check.
  • Alternate indoor and outdoor lighting.
  • Alternate window shades.
  • Light snow removal to make it appear the residence is occupied.