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ProCare Home and Pet Services is a locally owned and family operated business. Every member of our family is on hand to make sure each client is cared for. We have extensive experience pet sitting, dog walking and house sitting, and we love what we do. This is an extremely rewarding and fulfilling job for us. From time to time a client will specify that someone from our family take care of their needs, and we are happy to accommodate those requests. 

We have many opportunities for you to serve our clients. Whether you want one assignment per day or multiple, whether you want to serve clients during the day or in the evening, whether you want to work weekdays or weekends, we have something that will interest you.

Would you like to be a pet sitter, dog walker or house sitter? Think about the following:

  • THE WEATHER: There are no "snow days". The client's needs must be met no matter the weather conditions.
  •  YOUR SCHEDULE: What responsibilities do you have? What are your hobbies? What would be your contingency if you accepted a client but something from your own schedule interfered?
  • ILLNESS, CAR TROUBLE, OTHER EMERGENCIES: We all get sick, our cars have problems, and other emergencies come up.
  • BURNOUT: It's hard to imagine ever becoming burnt out doing a job as awesome as this, but it does happen and it can creep up on you quickly.

ProCare's Solution
Don't do it alone. Your spouse, adult child, sibling, parent or trusted friend can team up with you and the two of you become each other's backup. If one of you becomes ill the other is available to cover. If a car breaks down there is another one to drive. If a child becomes ill one can stay and care for him/her while the other fulfills the needs of the client. If both you and your teammate are available at the same time, you are welcome to take care of the client together!

ProCare Utilizes the Power of Teamwork

ProCare utilizes teams consisting of two or more providers. Do you have a spouse, partner, friend, parent or child (over 18) who would also like to be a pet sitter, dog walker or house sitter? Perfect!

As a ProCare partner you may accept or decline any client or assignment offered to you, but once you accept an assignment you need to be able to complete it. If you become ill, your car breaks down, there is an emergency in your family, or you have a doctor's appointment - your teammate will step in to cover your visits. The client and pets will have your core group to take care of them, with the staff of ProCare acting as your team's backup.

There are numerous advantages to working as a team. 

  • Your pay stays within your group rather than going to a ProCare staff member. 
  • Your schedule remains flexible for work, school, childcare, etc.
  • When you have a doctor's appointment, illness or emergency you'll have peace of mind knowing someone else is available to step in and help you.
  • When your schedule is managed properly you won't experience burnout.

ProCare's scheduling system will track completed assignments for each of you and pay you accordingly.  

Both of You Must be 18 Years of Age or Older

You both will be covered under ProCare's dishonesty bond and liability insurance, which covers individuals 18 years of age and older.  

Both of You Must Have Reliable Transportation

It is vital that you be able to reach the client's home safely and on time. Your vehicle will need to be in good working order and also be able to get through Colorado's snowy and icy conditions. You will need to be comfortable driving in all weather conditions since clients depend on your care no matter what kind of weather we are having.  

Both of You Must Pass a Background Check and Both of You Must Possess the Highest Integrity

To become a service provider with ProCare both you and your teammate will first pass a comprehensive background check.

The client's home is your place of business and they expect you both to treat their pets and property with dignity. Upon arriving at the client's property behave in a way you would be proud of were the client watching you; in this age of video surveillance they very well might be!  

Both of You Must Follow Directions and Both of You Must Have a Smart Phone

Following directions is critical. Our clients provide us with very specific instructions (feeding, exercise, medications, visit times) that must be followed to the letter. 

ProCare's scheduling and communications tool, Time To Pet, operates on Apple and Android phones. Each of you must have one of these smart phones to be able to track your assignments, reference individual pet profiles and communicate with clients.

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