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ProCare Home and Pet Services, LLC

Professional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in Colorado Springs

Professional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in Colorado Springs

Professional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in Colorado SpringsProfessional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in Colorado Springs

ProCare is Your Local, Professional Dog Walker

Dog Walking Services in Colorado Springs and the Surrounding Areas

"Literally the best dog walking business I have ever dealt with. My puppy is happy and I know that I can trust Eric and Jennifer with him. The best part is knowing that they care about my dog and treat him as if he was their own. I never have to worry about his safety when he is with them, and I know that they have no problem adapting to my schedule. They are the greatest!" Felicia W.

Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Reclaim your lunch break and let us treat your dog to a fun-filled stroll around the neighborhood. No pack walks, no vans—only your dog and their own private walker. 

Safety First

A good dog walker does more than simply leash up a pup and take it for a spin around the neighborhood. Safe dog walking involves being 100% attentive to the dog, its surroundings, and nearby people and animals.

If you are looking for a dog walker in the Colorado Springs area who will protect your pup while exploring your neighborhood, contact ProCare today!

The Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker


Your Dog Can't "Hold It" Longer Than a Few Hours

Daily dog walks are the perfect solution for families who cannot take their dog out for a walk and fresh air. Not many dogs can ”hold it” until you get home from your long day. 

Your Pup Craves Something to Do

Hiring a dog walker is wonderful for your pup because dogs crave something to do, and few things are more fun than a walk. The outside world is filled with sights, smells, and sounds which stimulate your dog and make them more social.  

It Contributes to Your Dog's Overall Good Health

Regular dog walking keeps your pup healthy. By hiring ProCare Pet Sitting and Dog Walking you won’t have to worry about your dog getting enough exercise. 

It Helps You with Your Day

Equally important is that having a dog walker gives you more free time. Have you ever had to stay at work because something unforeseen occurred, but then you had a problem because your dog was waiting at home for you take them on their walk?  Have you been unable to hang out with friends because you had to go home to make sure your pup is okay? Having a dog walker will give you more leeway to do the things you need and want to do, without coming home to a stressed out dog and a mess in your home. 

How to Choose a Dog Walker

Important Questions You Should Ask

When you are considering who to have come to your home to perform dog walking services, you will want to be sure they are honest, reliable and can handle any situation.

Over the years we have found that pet parents who use ProCare as their dog walker have asked themselves the following questions:

  • What guarantee do I have that this dog walker will actually show up at my house and take my dog for a walk?
  • How will I know that this dog walker did the things I asked them to do during the dog walking visit?
  • Does the dog walker communicate well, and can I count on them to let me know how each dog walking visit went?
  • If this walker becomes ill or has a car accident, who will come to take my dog for a walk?
  • Am I sure this person won't rummage through my belongings, consume my food and drink, or steal something from me?
  • What assurance do I have that this dog walker won't bring their children, pet, or boyfriend/girlfriend along with them?
  • What if this person leaves my door unlocked or one of my windows open?
  • Will this person tell nosy neighbors, solicitors, and potential thieves that I am not at home?
  • Am I sure this person is going to be nice to my dogs and not yell at them or physically abuse them?
  • What if my dog has made a mess - will this dog walker clean it up?
  • What if my dog becomes ill - will the dog walker even notice, will they communicate effectively with me, and will they take my dog to the veterinarian?

It's a bit unnerving when you think about what could go wrong using a hobby walker or someone doing their "side hustle" in the "gig economy". If you are looking for peace of mind, read on! We'll show you why you'll have no worries when ProCare is on the job. 


Why You Should Hire ProCare as Your Dog Walker


Peace of Mind

  • We come to your home for your dog walking visit within the agreed upon time frame.  Our state of the art software shows you that your dog walker was there and a map of the route your dog walked. 
  • We perform the tasks you ask us to do.  Each dog walker views your client file and follows the instructions you have entered regarding the care of your dogs. 
  • We send you notes and photos during every dog walking visit to let you know how things went.
  • We have a backup walker for you who knows your dogs and their routine in case something happens to your primary dog walker.
  • We will not touch anything in your home that is not directly related to the care of your dogs; all dog walkers have passed a federal-level criminal background check and are bonded and insured.
  • We do not bring pets or people to your home, and we give your dogs 100% of our attention.
  • We are careful to lock your doors and we will not open your windows unless you ask us to do so. We'll make sure your home is secure.
  • We never tell nosy neighbors, solicitors, or potential thieves that you are not at home.
  • We are always kind to your dogs.
  • We clean up the messes your dog makes.
  • We notice when something isn't right with your dog, communicate our concern to you, and take your dog to the veterinarian if needed.
  • We have the proper credentials to transport your dogs. We are licensed by the State of Colorado Agricultural Department and registered with the United States Department of Agriculture.
  • We have state of the art software that tracks your dog walker's whereabouts and sends you personalized messages and photos at the end of every dog walking visit.
  • We participate in continuing education so we know how to give the best care to your dogs.
  • We are transparent in all of our business practices.

Service Area and Availability

ProCare Serves All of El Paso County

Not only do we do dog walking in all areas of Colorado Springs but we also serve Black Forest, Calhan, Cascade, Chipita Park, Elbert, Ellicott, Falcon, Fountain, Green Mountain Falls, Manitou Springs, Monument, Palmer Lake, Peyton, Ramah, Rush, Security, Widefield and Yoder.

ProCare provides dog walking every day of the year and any hour of the day you need, by appointment. You may schedule as few or as many walks as you would like each week, on any day of the week.

We serve clients in the following zip codes:   80106, 80132, 80133, 80808, 80809, 80817, 80819, 80829, 80831, 80832, 80833, 80864, 80903, 80904, 80905, 80906, 80907, 80908, 80909, 80910, 80911, 80915, 80916, 80917, 80918, 80919, 80920, 80921, 80922, 80923, 80924, 80925, 80926, 80927, 80928, 80929, 80930, 80938, 80939, 80951  

ProCare provides pet sitting, dog walking, house sitting, pet taxi and poop scooping services. 

ProCare provides services at the client's residence

Always Open, By Appointment
Last Minute Booking Requests Welcome
(719) 233-9083  


The ProCare Difference


We Have Turned the Dog Walking Industry on Its Ear

We do things a little differently!


  • We do not sell dog walks in packages of 15 minute visits, 30 minute visits, etc. Your visits are customized to your needs, all while remaining competitively priced! The physical and emotional needs of your dog will be met, no matter how long we are at your home taking care of them. 
  • You will not see any surprises on your invoice when we spend extra time cleaning up large messes or taking an ill dog to the veterinarian, since we do not charge for dog walking by the minute!
  • We do not nickel and dime you into debt with fees for consultations, extra dogs, medication administration, mess cleanup, evenings, weekends, last minute requests, emergency transport to the vet while in our care, or key pickup/return. It's all included!

We keep things simple! Just tell us what you need and "Relax... We'll take care of everything!" 

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